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Latex towel

Selected from Thailand high-quality natural collagen emulsion, the content of pure natural latex is as high as 93%, combined with bamboo fiber fabrics, it is softer and warmer, antibacterial and antibacterial, moisture-absorbing and breathable, environmental protection, anti-ultraviolet, natural health care, comfortable and beautiful.

Lighted Lantern Snowman

Available exclusively, this bright and cheery snowman has LED twinkling lights. Recommended for both indoor and outdoor use, the snowman has a coated, white metal frame and features pop-up construction that can be quickly assembled and lies flat for easy storage after the holidays are over. The twinkling effect provides a unique and special look while the large light count ensures extra brightness for your yard at night.

Massage neck pillow

The dynamic pressing feeling of 262 three-dimensional particles gives the head and neck SPA effect. The super large three-dimensional latex particles on the surface of the pillow core extend from the pillow surface to the front side of the pillow, lying on it, which can fully take care of the head and neck parts. It is the best choice for brain workers to help relax the body, soothe emotions, and fall asleep easily.

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